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Member Businesses

Items for Sale: As a service to PIF members, contact Joe for special pricing on your needs for:  garden and tree amendments, wood finishes and preservatives, grass seed for trails, Napoleon wood stoves. Call 715-479-8528   

Tax Accountant: Geary N. Searfoss CPA, LLC - Specializing in the Internal Revenue Code as it relates to forestry investments. Certified Public Accountant, Enrolled Agent, Certified Forester.  Phone: 715-266-8290.  Address: P.O. Box 358, Winter, WI  54896-0358.  Email:   Website:

Forestry Consultant: Snowshoe Hare Forestry Services, LLC. Assist with: Timber sale set-up & administration, Timber appraisals, GIS mapping, Tree planting assistance, and Management plans. Curt Hare Jr. Phone: 715-891-4402. Address: 2698 Columbus Rd., Eagle River, WI 54521. Email:    PIF members receive a 10% discount.

Forester:  Bethany Lyons, J.M. Longyear, LLC., Northern Hardwoods Office, 45807 State Hwy M-26, PO Box 189, South Range, MI 49963, Office: (906) 487-6430, Cell: (906) 281-2077, Email:

Title and Broker Services: For service when buying, selling, transferring to heirs or financing your woodland contract: Roy D'Antonio, Owner-President, Associated Title & Closing Services Agency Inc. and Guardian Title Services Inc., Address: 205 Harrison St., Ironwood, Michigan 49938. Phone: 906-932-6340  Email: Also Associate Broker, Eliason Realty of the North, Land O' lakes, WI., Phone: 715-367-1718  Email:  A long time woodland owner serving you!

One Family's Forest: This educational novel follows a fictional family as it struggles to keep the family forest in the family.  The reader will gain valuable insights into forest management and discover alternative legal mechanisms to transfer land between generations. The authors receive no compensation. Send $5.00 check (free shipping) payable to Lora Hagen along with your name and address to Lora Hagen,  E1757 Moen Road, Iota, WI 54945,  (Limit five copies for $25)

The Living Forest Cooperative based in Ashland, WI, is a cooperative where the costs of management, processing, and marketing are shared through the cooperative business. By collectively marketing, members command higher prices for raw and processed wood products. A single small landowner is at a disadvantage in the timber market. Few people have the experience, time, or money to sustainably manage a forest and process and market wood products for maximum return. The Cooperative pools member harvests and explores opportunities for production of value added wood products.

Paul Hetzler, Horticulture and Natural Resources Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County, NY, ISA Certified Arborist since 1996 and a frequent contributor to PIF Newsletters, has authored a new book "Shady Characters: Plant Vampires, Caterpillar Soup, Leprechaun Trees and Other Hilarities of the Natural World (The Lexingford Series on the Natural World)". To order the book, click here.  For nature-based essays, visit where humor and science collide--amicably for the most part.

Michigan and Wisconsin Master Logger Certification Program

Certified Master Loggers live and work throughout Michigan and Wisconsin and they understand the multiple values woodlands provide. Above all, they understand that conducting forest management practices, though intimidating, can be one of the most rewarding experiences of owning forestland if it is done correctly.

If you are looking to hire a Michigan or Wisconsin Master Logger or are curious what benefits could come from hiring one, we encourage you to contact us. For more information on the programís requirements and for a full list of Master Loggers, please visit the respective program websites at: or or contact us at: or 877-284-3882.