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Quick Reference      

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Forests/Lakes and Streams

Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
Ottawa National Forest
USDA Forest Service National Headquarters

Kemp Natural Resources Station (Woodruff/Lake Tomahawk)
Trees for Tomorrow
Northern Highland - American Legion State Forest
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin State Natural Areas - Vilas and Oneida counties
WI Dept. of Natural Resources Lakes Program
Wisconsin DNR Lake Maps
UW-Center for Limnology (the study of inland waters) Trout Lake Station
Wisconsin Association of Lakes
Citizens Lake Monitoring Network
Clean Boats, Clean Waters Program
Minnesota Shallow Lakes Program
US Geological Survey Lake Monitoring and Lakes Studies
UW-Extension Lakes Program
Understanding Lake Data
Treehaven Natural Resources Education Facility
Discover the Forest

The State of America's Forests: An Interactive Guide

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Forestry web links


Our Lawmakers
Wisconsin Managed Forest Law:  The Managed Forest Law (MFL) is a landowner incentive program that encourages sustainable forestry on private woodlands by reducing and deferring property taxes.
Sign up for the Forest Tax and Stewardship Newsletter:  Receive news and information regarding the Managed Forest Law and Forest Crop Law programs through e-mail by clicking here
Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ):  This resource is designed to assist you with information covering all aspects of the role of the Department – from legal services to consumer help for seniors to crime prevention and law enforcement services, victims rights and environmental enforcement.
Wisconsin Court System for the Public Wisconsin Court System designed this web site for use by people representing themselves in divorce/separation, complaints against judges, complaints against interpreters, lawyer regulation, and more.


Maps & Locators

Google Street Maps:  Physical and geographic country maps. 
Microsoft Live Maps:  Search for business, people, collections and places. Get directions. Add your own information about a place.
Topo Maps:  Topo maps of country. 
Atlapedia Online:  Physical and geographic country maps, complete with statistics and factoids. 
How Far Is It?:  This easy-to-use site calculates distance (as the crow flies) between any two points in the world and includes a map for further reference.
MapQuest!:  Interactive street atlases of the continental United States gives you mileage, door-to-door or city-to-city, and street maps with driving directions.
National Atlas Create your own maps based on information such as agricultural production, crime, geographic features, population, and more.
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection Historical, countries and world.
Topozone:  Every USGS topographic 1:100,000, 1:25,000, and 1:24,000 scale map for the entire United States.
Topographic Map Symbols:  Help in interpreting the maps.
United States Geography USGS geographers monitor the changes on the land surface by observing the Earth with remote sensing satellites, studying the connections between people and those changes with careful geographic analysis, and providing society with relevant science information they can use to manage the consequences of those changes.
Google Earth:  Google Earth puts a planet's worth of imagery and other geographic information. Free program that must be downloaded but worth the effort. High speed internet access and a monitor resolution of at least 1024 by 768 is needed.



Junior Master Guardener:  Ignite a passion for gardening.  This is a national organization dedicated to helping kids learn all about plants. Includes lots of information for growing a school garden, gardening at home with kids, a garden poetry contest, and the "secret life of flowers."
Ultimate Beginners Guide To Gardening With Kids:  Few hobbies in life offer such delicious rewards for time and effort as gardening does. As enjoyable as the yummy rewards are, gardening is also one of those activities that provides so much more than a snack. Gardening is an excellent activity for anyone. Adults find peace, relaxation, and food, but children take significantly more from the work than adults do.

Wild Ramps Pesto Recipe  Ramps are a plant in the onion family that are also called wild leeks, wood leeks, ramsons, and wild garlic. Scientifically, they’re known as Allium tricoccum. With a small, white bulb and hairy root, they resemble scallions and are foraged from shady, woody areas just a few weeks from late April to early June., and wild garlic. Scientifically, they’re known as Allium tricoccum. With a small, white bulb and hairy root, they resemble scallions and are foraged from shady, woody areas just a few weeks from late April to early June. Click here for the Wild Ramps recipe.
Wildflowers in Bloom Click on a wildflower's name to see a picture. Does it grow where you live and will it grow in your home garden?
Wisconsin Vascular Plant Species: 
Wisconsin's vascular plant species; including photos, habitat information, distribution maps, herbarium specimen data and more. This site presents data to the public from the Wisconsin Botanical Information System.

Science of Gardening:  See how the plants we tend feed our bodies, our minds, and our senses.

Sustainable Landscaping:  Sustainable landscaping is the practice of using strategic methods for business and residential landscapes with the purpose of offsetting negative environmental impacts.

The Benefits of Native Plant Gardening:  With so many plant options to choose from at nurseries, garden centers, and other places, homeowners and gardeners can bring nearly any look to their yard or garden.

Home Science: Backyard Conservation by HomeAdvisor:  Environmental conservation is an important issue in today’s world, and there are lots of ways to help in your own backyard. Now more than ever, it is vital to preserve our planet and its natural resources, like water, soil, plants and wildlife. Everyone can help out by recycling, using less water, and making the community more eco-friendly. Many of these activities can be fun, too!

For nature-based essays, visit where humor and science collide--amicably for the most part. Paul Hetzler, Horticulture and Natural Resources Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County, NY, ISA Certified Arborist since 1996 and a frequent contributor to PIF Newsletters, has authored a new book "Shady Characters: Plant Vampires, Caterpillar Soup, Leprechaun Trees and Other Hilarities of the Natural World (The Lexingford Series on the Natural World)". To order the book, click here.



States and Cities

Wisconsin State Government:  Links to Wisconsin State offices, public services, state facts and more.
50 States and Capitals Information for all fifty states and seven territories, including state flags (picture and description), state symbols, political and geographical information, and a direct link to the state's official web page.
Official City Sites:  Links to official state and city web pages in the U.S. and several European countries.
Townhunter:Compare facts about U.S. cities.

Best Places to Live:  The AreaVibes Livability Score was designed to help you find the best places to live.

State and County quick facts:  Fast, easy access to facts about people, business, and geography Statistics & Profiles

Consumer Price Index Get the most current CPI press release, or look at an overview of CPIs from 1913-present.
Demographic Services Center:  (WI Dept. of Administration) Links to Wisconsin demographics, including WisStat.
Wisconsin Labor Market Information:  Access statistics about the Wisconsin work force, including the county snapshots, County Workforce Profiles of Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Office of Economic Advisors The Office assists economic data users to better understand the relationships between labor markets and other economic and demographic specifics.
FedStatsStatistics from 70 U.S. government agencies, searchable by keyword and agency.
United States Census Bureau Searchable site with many statistics for the U.S., including the State and Metropolitan Data Book and the Fact Finder: Contains, under "Other Official Statistics," links to state and international data centers, and the department of commerce. For the latest 1990 census reports see Census 2000 Gateway.
U.S. State Fact Sheets:  Basic and agricultural statistics on every state in the U.S., compiled by the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
University of Michigan Documents Center's Statistical Resources on the Web:  Provides links to many of the same sources as the U.S. Census Bureau and FedStats.
Wisconsin Blue Book:  The Blue Book contains facts and statistics on Wisconsin.





Weather Forecasts and History

National Weather Service Radar Image
National Weather Service Point Forecast
Weather Channel
Historical Climate Summaries (Midwest Regional Climate Center)  Historical highs, lows, and precipitation records from weather stations around the Midwest.
Wisconsin State Climatology Office