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Partner News Letters

July 2024:  Celebrating a Long Time PIF Member, Love the Land and its Resources, and the Making of a Legacy Forest to Benefit Future Generations; From PIF Friend John Bates; Wild & Scenic Rivers in the Western Upper Peninsula; Oneida County Comprehensive Plan Changes; Wolf Population; An imal Self Defense; Looking Big Picture or Globally; Two More big Picture Stories: The World’s Healthiest Forest are on Indigenous Land. Here’s Why: A Key Metric to Countering Biodiversity Loss; More on Tree Species Migration; Press Release from Gathering Waters July 5, 2024 Offers New Hope for Knowles Nelson Stewardship Program; Gathering Waters Award Announcement; Vote August 13, 2024


April 2024:  Wildcat Falls Photo and Comment; Joe Hovel’s Response to a Letter Printed in The Vilas County News; Congratulations to Vilas County Forest; Warmest Winter; Pelican River Statement from the Conservation Fund; PIF Afterthought on Pelican River and Forest Legacy; Forest News - Global Crisis from Invasive Pests; Think Snow - Gardens and Forests Need It; In Praise of Messiness in the Yard - For the Pollinators; Wood Working for Conservation, in Celebration of Vital; Conservation Programs; Disturbing ECO-NEWS Outside Our Area; Wood to the Rescue: Two Stories; Poorly Thought-out WI Legislation Averted; Moving Trees to the North to Save the Forests; Boundary Road Trails


January 2024:  Thank You To; Containing Oak Wilt with Girdling and Herbicide; Pilgrim River Forest and its Geo-Heritage; Wildcat Falls Community Forest Had a Timber Sale; Connecting the Dots; For The Birds; USFS Proposes National Forest Plan to Conserve and Steward Old Growth Forests; And Looking Across the Ocean; Think Globally, But Act Locally; Oak Mortality Increased in 2023; Pelican River Forest in Oneida County (Mostly); 150 Years After the Fact, Keweenaw Bay Tribe May be Compensated for Stolen Land; Advocating For Further Forest Conservation in Vilas County; Parting Words from Joe; We Are Nature


October 2023:  Thank You’s; PIF Friends Notes and News; Northwoods Conservation - Offering a ray of hope in a time of hyper forest fragmentation;Headwaters Cedar Community Forest (HCFF) Welcomes You; Young’uns in da Woods; Mint and Maple: Nature’s Memory Medicine; Hunting for Red October: Leaf Colours Indicate Maple Distress


Summer 2023:  University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives; PIF Friends Notes and News; Headwaters Cedar Community Forest (HCFF) Update; Pilgrim River Forest Update; Forest Legacy Convention; Suggested Hike: Franklin and Buttermilk Lakes; The Book Corner: Sprout Lands: the Endless Gift of Trees; Michigan DNR Moose Survey Results; Smoky Air: Anybody else been coughing, wheezing& sneezing; Tick Season is Here; White Pines: Colossal in Plenty of Ways


January/February 2023:  University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives; Northwoods Forest Conservation Handbooks; Carbon Program; Headwaters Cedar Community Forest (HCFF); Supporting Authors of Their Community Forests; Water; Sandra Postel; The Pelican River Forest Proposal Under Forest Legacy and Knowles Nelson Stewardship Program; Back to the Basics: What Is A Forest Legacy?; Book Reviews: A Review of Curt Meine’s Aldo Leopold: His Life and Work on the Occasion of Aldo Leopold’s 136th Birthday; Beaverland: How One Weird Rodent Made America; Dynamic Forests for Birds and Wildlife in the Great Lakes Webinars; Who Owns Wisconsin’s 17M Acres of Forests?; Got Wood?; The Cacao Tree: Better Loving Through Chemistry; Wisconsin Local Use Dimension Lumber Grading Certificate Courses in 2023; Guide to Native Plants (A.K.A. Local Beings); Photo Gallery submitted by Myrtle Sharka; Photo Gallery submitted by John Crumrine


November/December 2022:  University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives; Now May Be a Good Time to Sell Carbon Credits; Importance of Old Trees; Northwoods Alliance (NWA) Year End Update; Intro to Forest and Nature Therapy; The Michigan Society of American Foresters Statements; Inflation Reduction Act; Member Profile: Chuck Pogorelcnik; Congratulations to Geary and Kay Searfoss; Winter Pollinator Gardens; Two Sobering Stories - Valid Reasons to Protect Our Woodlands; Dead Ash Trees Pose Safety Hazard; The Noble Indigenous; Recording for the Connecticut Warbler Program; Birds are in Trouble and We Can Help; Forestry for Michigan Birds Toolkit


August/September 2022:  University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives; Joe’s Comments; Bits and Pieces; Selling Your Carbon Credits; Lakeshore Logging Saga; Timber Harvest at the Community Forest; Northwoods Native Plant Society Visits Wildcat Falls; Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts (WICCI) Report; Balancing Carbon Storage and Wildlife Habitat; Vengeful Veggies; Wishbone Trees; Daycare Forests; Bumblebees; The Giving Tree; Headwaters Cedar Community Forest Update; Daily Science


March/April 2022: University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives; Headwaters Cedar Community Forest Update; Update from the Environmental Law and Policy Center on the wilderness proposal in the UP; Sequestering Carbon in Your Wood; Equipment Review - Capstan Portable Winch; Forestry, Parks and Recreation Spotlight; Painting Our Way Out of a Corner; Oak Wilt Documents from WHIP, Oak Wilt Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, Save Pruning of Oaks Until Late Summer, WHIP Small Ad; Oak Wilt Detections in Wisconsin; Comments on January/February 2022 Wolf Controversy Article; True of False; Plan for a Better Spring; Gone with the Wind from Our Living Ancestors

January/February 2022: Notes from Joe and Others - Farewell to our colleague Don Peterson - Wood Markets - Appreciate Our Conifer Trees - Whitetails - Wood from Madison, Wisconsin Goes to DC - Carbon Storage - American Bird Conservancy; Introducing the Headwaters Cedar Community Forest Proposal; Oak Wilt in Vilas County; Pilgrim River Visits in Winter; Northwoods Forest Conservation Series Books; Suggested Old Growth Hike: Frog Lake and Pines SNA; Carbon Credits From Your Woods; The Forest Ethicist: Insight Over Time and Seeing Things for What They Are; Searching For A Singular Day; Tree Buds: Honest Friends; Indulging Reforestation; Book Corner: Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the The Wisdom of the Forest by Suzanne Simard

November 2021: Notes from Joe and Others; Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest; Pilgrim River - Federal Funds at Work in Our Communities; Pilgrimage to the Angel Oak Tree; Wildcat Falls Community Forest Has Grown; From Wildcat Falls to MNU Wildcats; Financial Difficulties; Pelican River Forest; Protecting Our Land-Density Matters; Money Trees; Helpful Enough; The Forest Ethicist: The Dedication of Looking Here: As A Forest of Wildlife; Clearing Storm Damage on the Tenderfoot Forest Reserve

March/April 2021:  Governor’s task force issues Climate Change report; Upper Midwest Forest Ecology Primer; Story to Keep Abreast of The Tax Code for Woodland Owners Link; O Kun-dee-kun Falls and Sturgeon Gorge Wilderness on the North Country Trail; Book Corner: Walking Home Ground by Robert Root; New Oak Wilt Brochure Link; Are There Too Many Deer in Price (and other) County?; The Root of the Problem; The Forest Ethicist: Of Orderly Forests ad Thrifty Trees; The Forest Ethicist: Philosophy as Work and Meanwhile, My Beans; Do Nothing about Invasive Plants and Deer; Suggested Old Growth Visit: Scott Lake and Shelp Lake SNA; Club Moss: Princess pine, ground pine, ground cedar, wolf’s paw- it’s Lycopodium; Easements for Access: the good, the bad, and the ugly

January/February 2021:  Updates on Existing Issues; Federal Conservation: FY21 Spending, Pandemic, and Energy Bill; Book Corner: Entangled life: how fungi make worlds, change our minds, and shape our futures; A New Threat to White Pines; Wooden You Know; Forest Management Plan for Wildcat Falls Community Forest; Doering Woods SNA; Name Calling - not our first talk about Porcupines; The Forest Ethicist, Ethics is the Question, Not the Answer; To All the Logger Ladies; Wisconsin Family Woodland Owners Rule; Bobcats: Shy, Nocturnal, and Successful; Winter Scenes in Northern Wisconsin; Surviving the Freeze: Animals in Winter

November 2020:  Wildcat Falls Update/Thanking our Partners; Northwoods Forest Conservation: A Handbook; A Political Touchstone; The Cliff-dwellers of Wisconsin - White Cedars, Ellison SNA; Bits of Humor; Taking PIF advice seriously; The Forest Ethicist: Intimacy as A Moral Imperative, Weed Your Forest; Growing Mushrooms for Fun and Profit; Sapsuckers and Other Insults; Miscreants as Messengers; The fisher cat: Doesn’t fish, isn’t a cat

September/October 2020:  Wildcat Falls Protected as a Community Forest; Northwoods Forest Conservation: A Handbook; Float Copper - The Value of Forest Legacy and Good Neighbors, and a Bit of Landowner Woes; Forest Ethics Renegades; The Forest Ethicist - No Farms, No Food. No Forest, No ...?; Enjoy the Fall Colors Photos; Van Vliet Hemlocks SNA; Fall Color Conspiracy; Global Transplants; Aquifers; Logging and Lakeshore Preservation Should Go Hand-in Hand

August 2020:  Conservation; Wildcat Falls Progress Report; Dave Gunnulson takes steps to conserve his land for future generations; Opinion: The DNR is Cutting Down Lakeshores and Thinks It’s Fine. Let’s Show Them It’s Not; Selected Old-Growth in the American Legion/Oneida County Complex: Lake Laura Hardwoods SNA; Forest Ethics; Spotlight on the Pilgrim River Conservation Project; The Book Corner; Nature on the Move; Tree Protection; Shady Business; Simply Great; More Beautiful Photos by Hans Schmitt; Animals Aren’t So Dumb

May 2020:  Updates and Progress Report: Wildcat Falls; Thank You UW Center for Cooperatives; Conservation With No Regret; Forest Philosophy; A Manual for Private Land Owners; Selected OldGrowth in the American Legion/Oneida County Complex: Germaine Hemlocks SNA; Live Long and Prosper Together; Wildlife Crimes Michigan DNR; Ticked Off Again; Wildlife of northern hardwood forests prior to timber harvests in Michigan; Value Added and Local Markets; Alternative Education; Red Fox

April 2020   Special Earth Day Partners News:  Partners in Forestry Cooperative and Northwoods Alliance, Inc. Celebrate 50 Years of Earth Day - Joe’s Comments; Climate Change and Pests...A Double Threat; When the Earth Moves Kicks off Earth Day 2020 Online Events; A new booklet helps landowners consider climate risks; Ancient trees do their part to combat climate change and protect biodiversity; A bumper crop of miinikaanan on wiigwaasaatig and baapaagirmaak; Profile of a Young Conservation Leader: Rachel Hovel; Bird Song Opera; Got Nature? You need nature on Earth Day and everyday!; Plum Lake Hemlock Forest SNA; Bits and Pieces; Two Thousand Year Old Seeds: Glyphosate Still in the News!

March 2020  Congratulations to Rod Sharka; Comments to Vilas County Forest Planning; Jung Hemlock - State Natural Area/American Beech Facts; What A Great Tree It Is; Not Plagued by Locusts; My Experience with Black Locust in Central Wisconsin; Nettles: Good to Eat, and for Keeping a Safe Distance; The Next Generation, in praise of their activism; Habitat Typing; The Book Corner - The Overstory; The Forest Ethicist

January 2020  Wildcat Falls Conservation Project Updates; Cooperative Series; The Forest Ethicist; What is Sustainable Forestry?; NRCS Offers Financial Assistance for Healthy Forest and Wildlife Practices; Amazonian Forest Updates, January 2020; The Book Corner - The Overstory; Trees in the Tub; Winter Fruit Provides Bounty for Wildlife; Wild and Scenic Rivers; 3 Billion Birds; Looking at the Bigger Picture; Readers’ Comments

December 2019  Mark Your Calendars - Saturday, December 14, 2019, Narrative of Wildcat Falls Conservation Project; We Need Nature; Joe’s Comments; Progress Report of Wildcat Falls Community Forest Project; Michigan DNR and Wolves; “Sustainable Forestry”; Porcupines; Pileated Woodpeckers; The Book Corner - In Search of the Canary Tree; Thankful for Strong Forks; The Forest Ethicist; The Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska; Selecting Your Trees for Harvest

September 2019  PIF Dues Update; Oak Wilt Discover in Northern Wisconsin; The Forest Ethicist; Mark Your Calendars - November 15, 2019, Bob Simeone to talk in Eagle River; Heavy Metal in the Woods; Tree Sneezes; The Book Corner; Connecting fragmented pieces of habitat can help endangered species recover; It’s All About Habitat; Arctic Warming; Fall Habitat Tips; Let’s Talk Hazelnuts in Peanut Country, No in Wisconsin; Education on the Pilgrim River; Home Sweet Homing; Treeconomics 101: Color-coded Prosperity

August 2019  Wildcat Falls Update; Wildcat Falls Press Release; Oak Wilt; Tree Communication Web Links; Ethics; Tree Economics; Planning A Timber Harvest: Let’s Determine Which Trees to Cut; A Milestone: The Old Growth Forest Network Donation; A Reader’s Comment...; Good Forestry and Clean Water & Fish Habitat; New Zealand’s Other Export; Hoping to Be-HAB-Not; So Long to GTAC; Wood Crafter’s Corner; Mosquitoes: Life Under Tension; More Glyphosate Concerns; Turning Maple Syrup Forests into Bird-friendly Habitat; Trouble in Frackville; Oneida County Forest: This is Bad News; Pipeline Sued

May 2019  Goodbye to Jack Parker; Upcoming Events; Vernal Pools; Thank You to UW Center for Cooperatives; A New Tick in Town; Mark Your Calendar: Tick and Mosquito Presentation; Stevia Kills Lyme Disease: Final Thoughts; Planning Timber Sales; Timber Theft; Different Perspective on Wildlife; Most Things in Moderation, Including the Water Needs of Trees; Outside News; Missing Predator?; Want to increase local employment? Scientists say: “Conserve the land.”; Spring Ramps Pesto Recipe; Our Living Ancestors Book Ad; Shady Characters Book Ad

March 2019  New DNR Leadership; LWCF Permanently Funded...we hope; Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Update; Unnatural Selection: Choose Your Plantings Properly; Shady Characters Book Ad; The Root of the Problem; Tree Basics; Mark Your Calendar: Tick and Mosquito Presentation; Looking Outside Our Region; Woods reservation becomes part of Wauwatosa long range plan; Tidbits; Ermines; Apex Predators: What Good are They?; PIF Book Review; Our Living Ancestors Book Ad; Is That Smell A Skunk; Did You Know?

January 2019  Northwoods Alliance Inc Update; Where Did the Waterfall Go; Wildcat Falls “Through the Seasons” 2019; Mark Your Calendar: Tick and Mosquito Presentation; Persistent Lyme Disease; Member Profile: A Conversation with Joel Deangelo; Trees on High: How Trees Adapt to Elevation; Mountain Maple; On the Greater Scale of Things: Looking Out of the Northwoods to What is Going On; Hazelnuts; Planning Timber Sales; Glyphosate; A Well Rounded Perspective; Minimizing Salt Injury to Trees and Shrubs; Shady Characters Book Ad; The Scent of Fresh Wood; The Book Corner - The Nature Fix; White Pines; Follow up on White Pines Article; Our Living Ancestors Book Ad; River Otter

November 2018  Joe’s Comments; Partners in Forestry Annual Meeting Report; Land and Water Conservation Fund; Northern White Cedar Facts; ECO Updates and Concerns; A Conservation Victory in Oneida County; At Least Leave the White Pine for the Birds; The Book Corner: Shady Characters; Improve Mental Health with Exposure to Trees and Nature; Uncommon Sense; The Forest Legacy Program and Rural Economics; Winter Tree Identification: Buds are your Buddies; Faster Than A Speeding Plant; Uncommon Ravens; Real Estate Listing is A Testimony to Wood Construction; Wildcat Falls Community Forest Color Hike; Our Living Ancestors Book Ad

September 2018  Partners in Forestry Annual Meeting; Wisconsin Coverts Project; PIF Featured at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Lumberjack RC&D Council, Inc.; Guido Rahr, Sr Tenderfoot Forest Reserve Trip; Mosquito Nightmares; Examining Threats to Monarch Butterfly Migration; Readers’ Comments; New Tick Species Spreading; Relationship of tick density to deer; Relationship between deer density, tick abundance, and human cases of Lyme disease in a residential community; Some Trees; The First Shall Not Be Last; Think Globally; Bits and Pieces; Our Living Ancestors: The History and Ecology of Old-Growth Forests in Wisconsin (and Where to Find Them Book Ad)

August 2018  Pilgrim River Forest Legacy Project Ceremony; Pilgrim River Ceremony Program; Ceremonial Deed Signed; Pilgrim River Ceremony Celebrates Forest Legacy & The Land and Water Conservation Fund; The Power of The Land and Water Conservation Fund; Forests for Life; Deer Flies Away; Dry Weather May Mean Less Lyme Disease; Conservation Updates at Northwood Alliance; Shady Business; Events in Series Appreciate Our Common Lands -- Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest Hike -- Next Event in Series; Walking on Air (Pollinator Pathways); Chugging Chaga at Tea Time; Devastating Effects of Cutting Too Many Trees; PIF Editorial; Bits and Pieces

June 2018 Topics: Bio-Blitz at Wildcat Falls; Confessions of A New But Passionate Maple Sap Practitioner; Maples of Wisconsin; Readers Comments; PIF Interview with Chuck Abitz, Forest Tax Law Forester; Take Fewer Leeks; White Birch Bark from Northern Woodlands; Various White Birch Facts and Articles; Chaga Articles - Rachel Hovel and Dana Richter; Diseases Spread Through the Bites of Ticks and Mosquitoes; Are Your Trees Over the Hill; Wrapping Up the Northern Gum Crop; The Book Corner; Bits and Pieces

April 2018 Topics: Joe’s Comments; Update: Wildcat Falls Project; Tapping Maples; Tip-Mound Discussion; Forested Legacy; Forest Management in Light of A Changing Climate; Let Them Eat Wood; Future Articles; Water Wellness; Trap Trees; Bits and Pieces; Marcescence: An Ecological Mystery; Coyotes Prepare for Winter; Porcupines and the Sodium-Potassium Balance; Readers’ Comments

December 2017 Topics: PILGRIM RIVER WATERSHED PROJECT; Pilgrim River Watershed Project Nears Completion; Doing Good Across State Lines...Again and Again; How to Respond to Naysayers; Forested Legacy; Pilgrim River Watershed Project Birdsongs; Joe’s Comments; WILDCAT FALLS; Sometimes We Achieve Another Opportunity For Success; Pining for a Better Memory; Yule Logs

November 2017 Topics: A Little Bit from Joe; Concerns for the Earth; Concerns for the Earth (articles reprinted from outside sources); Deck The Halls; Wild Raisins and Smelly Socks; Vengeful Veggies (Plants that Burn); Forget About Reforestation; WANT BIRDS? Native Trees and Shrubs are the answer; Shared Love of the Land; Tips for Landowners; Woods on County Grounds Zoning as Parkland Letter; One of My Favorite Places to Visit in the Northwoods; Inhabitants of the Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest Pictures; Wood: If not wood what would we use?; Wisconsin Forests Have Economic Value. How Much?

July 2017 Topics: Wintergreen; Tree Planting on the Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest; Only Bury Your Tree After It’s Dead; Pinus Banksiana - Jack Pine; Tips for Landowners; Impact of Deer Herbivory on Forest Regeneration and General Health; Member Profile - Hans Schmitt

April 2017 Topics: Stewardship Letter from Mark Beilfuss; Forests for Fish; Bits and Pieces: Snapshot Wisconsin Information; MI Society of American Foresters 2017 Spring; Conference: Forests for Fish; Joe’s Report; Got Gas? Tap Your Maples?; Herbal Medicine from the Land; Holey Maple Leaves, Batman!; Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum); The Life of a Sugar Maple Tree

February 2017 Topics: Upcoming DNR ‘Wildlife Through Forestry’ Forums; Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest PIF Presentation; Climate Change Impacts; Rachel Hovel Article Information; Environmental Values from Eco-Updates; Wisconsin Private Forestry Committee; PIF Statement to Vilas County Zoning Committee; Message to State Senator Thomas Tiffany; Thirsty Maples; Ted Ritter Letter to the Editor; Who is Joe Hovel?; Book Corner - Rod Sharka: The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They
Communicate by Peter Wohllbegen

January 2017 Topics: Land O’ Lakes Library Program Scheduled: Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest January 18, 2017; PIF Annual Meeting 2016 Report; Forest Legacy Program, DNR Article; Aid for What Ails You; Treetop Children; Forest Regeneration Photos; My 2 cents about a conservation issue; Confessions of a First Time Hardwood Floor Installer; Interesting Photo: Big Tree

October 2016 Topics: 2016 PIF Annual Meeting and Gathering; The Ultimate Invasive Predator; PIF Knows the Value of Partnership; My Summer in the NHAL, Special Report to PIF; Deer Seriously Threatening Northwoods Oak; Deer and Regenerating Oak; Northern Red Oak; Let’s Regenerate Our Red Oak; PIF Interview with James Botsford; The Fall Color Conspiracy; That Old Line on Why Leaves Change Color

August 2016 Topics: Gathering Waters Conservancy Rod Nilsestuen Award; Save the Date - PIF 2016 Annual Meeting and Program; Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Family Forest Owners Rule! Survey highlights the challenges they face; Basswood Best for Wooden Bass; More on Basswood, Linden, Tilia; Partners in Forestry Peer Program; Deer Density; Emerald Ash Borer; Suddenly is Relative

June 2016 Topics: Introduction to High Grading Articles; High Value Forestry; Golden Goose Forestry; Are you concerned about Monarch Butterflies? I want to help; Thinking like an investor: why diverse forests are a good bet for an uncertain future; Tsuga Canadensis: Hemlock; Hemlock Wooly Adelgid; Deer Grandma and Grandpa; The Book Corner; Call the Dogs off the Lions

April 2016 Topics: New PIF Member Bethany Lyons Profile; Update on Two Primary Land Conservation Funding Programs Benefiting Wisconsin; Pilgrim River Legacy; Trees: White Pine Bears Important Fruit; White Pine Weevil; Early bat sightings? What’s going on?; Don’t Flee from These Fleas; The effect of deer browse on a northern hardwood forest in Baraga County, MI; Germann Road Fire Property Assessments: Why Some Homes Survive; What is the New Cause of Lyme Disease; Book Corner; Some Interesting Points About Our White Pine

Feburary 2016 Topics: Future Articles; Interview with Jane Severt - Value of Our County Forest and Sustainable Forest Management; The Evolution of Wisconsin’s County Forest; Interview with John Gagnon, Forest Administrator, Vilas County Forest; Heterobasidion Root Disease; Human and pet health in the woods; The Book Corner

January 2016 Topics: Joe's Comments; Enhanced Conservation Easement Charitable Income Tax Deduction - What's the Big Deal?; Press Release - Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest - Project Completed in Vilas County; Deer Feeding Ban; Future Articles

December 2015 Topics: Managing Red Pine Plantations; Red Pine Notes and Facts; Wildlife Habitat and Red Pine Plantations; High-grading; Future Articles; High-grading can point to low standards; Sugar Maple in Trouble; The Importance of Trees; The American Chestnut Revival; Forest Park School - Log-A-Load; Ongoing Challenges and Crimes Against the Earth

September 2015 Topics: Joe's Comments; My Lobby Efforts to Save the Pilgrim River and LWCF; Brule-St Croix Legacy Forest; Master Stewardship Agreement Update; Proposed Forest Industry Certificate; Rachel Hovel Achieves PHD; Wildcat Falls Update; Deer Management Assistance Program; Expansion of Lyme Disease; Growing Trees on Sandy Soils

May 2015 Topics: Joe's Comments; Earth Day 2015; Wisconsin Forest Legacy Accomplishments; Open Letter Regarding Vilas County Forest Land Sale Proposal; Vilas County Outreach Article; The Wisconsin Alliance of Forest Owners; Armillaria Root Disease

January 2015 Topics: 2014 PIF Annual Meeting Photos; The Economics of Forest Land Conservation; Tax Opportunities For Conserving Land; PIF Interview - Collin Buntrock; Emerald Ash Borer and Portable Sawmills; Aspen Forests; 2014 Precipitation Records

November 2014 Topics: A Few Words From Joe; 2014 PIF Annual Meeting; Preservation of Working Forests; ‘A Dream Realized’; Citizen Science Opportunities; Snap Shot of State Land Management; Emerald Ash Borer

August 2014 Topics: PIF: What’s the Value?; A Big Thank You to The University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives; Northwoods Wildlife Habitat and Northern Hardwoods; A Conversation with Joe About His Family Woodlands; Hypoxylon Canker of Aspen; Basal Area Workshop Report; Land and Water Conservation Fund; No One Ever Washed a Rental Car

April 2014 Topics: A Few Words From Joe; PIF Spring Field Trip and Workshop; Deer Study; State of Michigan Public Land Sale; Oak Wilt Article by Wisconsin DNR; Seedlings, Site Preparation, and a Successful Tree Planting Project; NHAL Forest Department; Wisconsin Alliance of Forest Owners; Articles from Northern Wisconsin’s Forest Insect & Disease Newsletter; Wildcat Falls Update; Readers’ Comments; Annosum Root Rot Treatment

January 2014  Topics: A Few words from Joe; It's All About Basal; Got Worms?; Special PIF Interview With Dick Steffes; Extremes; Wood Chart

November 2013  Topics: Few words by Joe Hovel; Tree Farming Growing; Ron Eckstein Interview; How to Detect Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD) on Black Walnut in the Field

July 2013  Topics: In Memoriam by Joe Hovel; Forest Fest 2013; Sapstreak of Sugar maple, a Native Disease in our Forest

May 2013  Topics: Joe's Comments; Answering a Simple Question: Decay Resistance of Canada Yew; Dutch Elm Disease - Recommendations to Maintain Healthy Native Elms; Deadly Oak Wilt; What Did YOU Do to Recognize and Celebrate Earth Day This Year?; Municipal Forests; Timber Harvesting Schedules

January 2013  Topics: Joe's Comments; Northern Hardwood Decline; Maple Dieback; Words of Advice on the Hardwood Decline Issue; Field Trip to the Peshtigo River Pines; The "What ifs" of Land Management; Deer: Friend or Foe of Forest Management; Well-planned Timber Sales; WHIP invitation

September 2012  Topics: Joe's Comments; Field Trip Oct 6 to Peshtigo River Pines; The way I see the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt; Forest Fest 2012 promotes Northwoods Ingenuity Culture & Artistry; Interview with Emile G. Nadeau; How to Identify Basswood Thrips; Forest Legacy: Grand Scale Land Conservation; Photos of Camp 36-37; Drought Conditions

July 2012  Topics: Forest Fest; Oak Wilt

June 2012  Topics: Pilgrim Watershed River Project South Trail Open; Joe's Comments; Clyde Samsel Interview; Red Pine Management; Press Release; Precipitation Data for Woodruff, WI; Where have all the Maples Gone

April 2012  Topics: Joe's Comments; Wildcat Falls Hike; Butternut Canker; Interview with Marion True; Timber Tax tips; The Sustainable Resources Institute, Inc. Announcement; In Da Woods: As the Worm Turns

January 2012  Topics: Joe's Comments; Income Taxes on the sale of Timber FAQs; Armillaria Shoestring Root Rot (Red Pine); Pilgrim River Buckthorn Control Day; Wood Preservation Interview with Brian Trimble; Measuring Wood Volumes; Interesting Facts; Jack Parker Interview

October 2011  Topics: Invasive Survey in Vilas County; Announcement: Pilgrim River Watershed Project Challenge Grant; Under the Canopy at "Trees" First Forest Fest; Twolined Chestnut Borer - Part 2; From Joe; Used Lumber is Ideal for a Playhouse; In Da Woods - Here's Looking at Yew

July 2011  Topics: Upcoming events; Interview with Rod Sharka; Between the Lines - Land Values; Land and Water Conservation Fund; June 11th Birding Workshop; Wood Decay and Preservation Interview with Dana Richter; Terrestrial Invasive Plant Survey Report; A Walk in the Koehler's Woods; Twolined Chestnut Borer - Part 1

May 2011  Topics: Terrestrial Invasive Plant Survey update; Birding Workshop Announcement; Note from Joe; Partners in Forestry Prevails in Appeal On The Ottawa National Forest; Popoviches Preserve their Land for Posterity; Birds Eye Maple; God Talking to Saint Francis about Garden and Nature

April 2011  Topics: Terrestrial Invasive Plant Survey update; Joe's Comments; Upcoming Events and Announcements; Large Red Oak Removal Near the Cabin: Evaluation, Considerations and the Removal Process; Bronze Birch Borer; Stewardship Fund;  In Da Woods - Elm Comeback; What is Oak Wilt?

February 2011  Topics: Joe's Comments; Winter Adaptations; Hemlock Woolly Adelgid; In Da Woods - How One Thing Leads to Another; Stewardship Fund; Upcoming Events: Call for Volunteers for Forest Fest 2011; Interview with Dave Speirs; Letter to PIF Members from Mike Kispert

December 2010  Topics: Updating our member database; PIF Annual Meeting; Numbers Game; On Our Website; Stewardship Fund; Tom Navratil: City Boy/Woodsman; Visual Quality; In Da Woods - Martens; Upcoming Event - Trees for Tomorrow Forest Fest; Annual Meeting registration form

September 2010  Topics: Joe's Comments; Managed Forest Field Trip; Environmental Quiz Answers; Oak Wilt; Geary Searfoss; In Da Woods - Livin' by the Lake; Will Martens; Tree Facts; PIF Membership Application form

July 2010  Topics: Terrestrial Invasive Plants Upgrade; Joe's Comments; In Da Woods - Drum Corp; Hiking the Pilgrim River Watershed Project; Saratoga Spittlebug; Kwaterski Bros. produces high quality wood products for home construction and interior finish; Environmental Quiz

May 2010  Topics: Announcing new web site; Joe's Comments; Sugar Maples Trouble?; Danish Forestry; All I need to know about life I learned from trees; Common Sense from the saw shop 

March 2010  Topics: Invasive Plants in Wisconsin; What is the cause of Spruce Decline in Northern Wisconsin; Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidelines; Chain Saw Maintenance; Joe's Comments

January 2010  Topics: Joe's comments and Local economies; Pilgrim River Watershed Partnership; Annual meeting report; Considerations when purchasing woodlands; Native plants and wildlife; Diplodia fungal disease

Late Summer 2009  Topics: Estate Planning, your Living Legacy; Report from Trees for Tomorrow on the Estate Planning workshop; Would you purchase another wooded property?; Joe's Comments; Addition to the NHAL State Forest (over 1100 acres of land was added to the state forest); October 10 annual meeting will be held at Big Bear Hideaway, Boulder Junction

July-August 2009  Topics: Comments on Forest Estate Planning; Joe's Comments; Red Pine Pocket Mortality; Alternative Energy Calculations; Estate Planning Workshop, Map and Workshop registration

May 2009  Topics: Planning for your Woodland Estate; PIF on Invasive species; Garlic Mustard; Woody Biomass Extraction; Wood Energy vs Fossil Fuels; Profile of Al Hogenmiller logger

Spring 2009  Topics: PIF Interview with Barb Gajewski an Invasive Expert; SB28 Local Lumber Use Law; Jeff Niese on the Butternut Tree

2009 issue 1  Topics: Joe's comments; Paul DeLong, Chief State Forester, comments on the 2007 Wisconsin offspring study; Invasive shrub Honeysuckle; Remembering Walt and Gil

2008 issue 4  Topics: Joe's comments; Monahan Forest Tour Report; Annual Meeting; Elections to Board; Build yourself a Leopold Bench; Joe's Kretz Talk

2008 issue 3  Topics: Joe's comments; Evan's Editorial; Evan's easement; Roland's easement; June's easement; Walt's easement; Betty's easement; Ed's easement; Rod's easement

2008 issue 2  Topics: Canopy Notes; ATV view; Maple Syrup; Local Lumber use Bill; Forest Health Clinics; Forest Technology: Tree Planting; American Tree Farm System; Report from Central Wisconsin; Reflections on visits to the UP with Grandpa Lauri; Earth Day/Arbor Day; YOOPER; Braw (Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin)

2008 issue 1  Topics: Joe's Message; National Woodland Owners Association Survey to determine the top ten forestry issues affecting private landowners; Timber & Taxes & the IRS; Meet Carlos Montufar

Nov - Dec 2007  Topics: Director's Message; PIF's Annual Dinner Meeting October 25th; Sept 22nd Workshop; Letter to PIF from Senator Breske; "Talkin it up" ... with Bill n' Joanie; Meet Ed Drager & Monahan Forest

July - Aug 2007  Topics: Workshop Photos; More on ATVs; Utilities Concern; Survey Results; Sales Tax Update; Workshops and Field Tours; Lets Talk It Up

Jan - Feb 2007  Topics: The President's Corner; Vilas County Forest Plan Released; Member Feature: Walt and Anita Thiede at Wit's End Farm

July 2006  Topics: Notes from the Chair; Emerald Ash Borer Threatens Northern Forests; Why Save the Ash?; Emerald Ash Borer

Jan - Feb 2006  Topics: The President's Corner; Local Lumber Use Bill; NHAL Expansion Approved; UPPCo Land Sale Spells Further Fragmentation

Jul - Aug 2005  Topics: President's Corner; Jack Pine Budworm; Northern Wisconsin Forest Industry Sustainability to Fragmentation/Parcelization of Ownership

May - Jun 2005  Topics: From the Board; President's Corner; Wisconsin's Champion Trees; Northwoods Forestry Summit: Opportunity Within Crisis; Board of Commissioners of Public Lands Acquires Over 400 Acres in Vilas County

Mar - Apr 2005  Topics: The President's Corner; Grant Opportunities for Landowners; Northwoods Forestry Summit: Opportunity Within Crisis

Jan - Feb 2005  Topics: The President's Corner; Forestry and Invasive Species; Our Mission and Goals

Nov - Dec 2004  Topics: The President's Corner; Update: NHAL Boundary Expansion; Update: Forest Legacy; The Northwoods Initiative

Sep - Oct 2004  Topics: Annual Meeting Agenda; Meeting Highlights